The sculptures, installations, public art pieces, and gallery exhibitions of contemporary artist Eric Dallimore.

PSYAH - This Land Over Time

VOCA Films captured the remarkable year of collaborating with residents at Balfour at Riverfront Park, students at Westerly Creek Elementary, Think 360 Arts, and Arts & Venues Denver to create This Land Over Time.

King Me

Once again, VOCA Films stopped by to capture my thoughts on sculpture and created a striking video about the making of King Me

King Me - Eric Dallimore

Scott McCormick and Merne Judson III also captured footage for promotional use for King Me

Point Gallery Performance

A great film regarding my first time exploring performance art with my scupltures by Scott McCormick.

Westword Mastermind Eric Dallimore

In 2014 I was given the Mastermind Award For Visual Art from Westword Magazine. I sat down with Bailey Geoghan for an interview to discuss art, the gallery life, and this great achievement.